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Andrew Swarbrick writes music for TV, film, and motion picture advertising. Andrew has just finished writing the score for THE RUNAWAYS (2019) starring Mark Addy, Tara Fitzgerald and Molly Wondsor. Other credits include THE AFTERMATH (official trailer), MASS EFFECT (Andromeda Initiative campaign), and DreamWorks "Dragons" (TV series promo).

Andrew writes for several companies including Hi-Finesse Music and SoundThe Library Of the Human Soul, SATV (Sky), Premium Beat and Shutterstock Music, amongst others.

You can hear more of Andrew’s music on his SoundCloud page.

To discuss a project please contact Andrew Swarbrick today.


Trailer: The Aftermath - Official Trailer  Cue Used: Open Spaces (from "Overtures" by Hi-Finesse) from 0:00-1:12 

Trailer: MASS EFFECT: ANDROMEDA - Join the Andromeda Initiative  Cue Used: Open Spaces (from "Overtures" by Hi-Finesse)